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    Hi all,

    I have a quick question on Microsoft Entourage for Mac: I was wondering if anyone has seen a script or something for entourage which will let you know when the mail is seen or read by the other person.

    I don't mean read mail receipt coz in read mail recipt you have a option that u either can say read or ignore.
    But this script what i am in search of is irrespective of you read or not it will notify the mailing person that the mail has been read.

    If i am not clear with my words please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.


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    By your description, you want a return/read receipt that Entourage already does.

    You're not clear, mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by logic_user99 View Post
    By your description, you want a return/read receipt that Entourage already does.

    You're not clear, mate.

    Okay. I am sorry for that.

    First - Please tell me how can we set Read receipt in Entourage.
    Second - The script what I am talking about is - Once i have seen that one of my friend has sent a mail to me in which at the lower end was a small note saying that this mail has been viewed - Now this message will be then sent back to my friend.

    Coz if you read receipt enabled still it will be a choice whether to let sender know you read mail or not.

    I just don't have that mail.

    Hope i am clear to some extend.


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    There is a rather disturbing peice of software that allows you to not only know that someone read your email (whether they want you to know or not), but also tells you how long they spent reading it, how they read it (online or via a download/blackberry etc) and even if they kept it or deleted it.

    If anyone I knew or did business with used this without telling me, and I found out, I'd end any kind of relationship with that person immediately.

    I occasionally use read-receipts at work, when I send an important message to a group and I need to know who read it - but maybe we really need different responses to read-receipt requests.

    There should be a range of read receipt choices to the recipient. For instance, the “I-have-read-your-email-and-it-is-a-load-of-crap” receipt, the “there-is-no-chance-of-me-reading-your-email-ever-so-don’t-send-me-any-more-receipts” receipt, or even the “I-was-thinking-of-replying-to-your-email-but-I-am-not-going-to-now-because-you-have-asked-for-a-receipt” receipt.

    (I stole that from this website

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    hmm... interesting software. but it is not as bad as it sounds. i thought it is ok for someone to use it. just knowing how much time i looked at it and using which email program is fine with me. as long as it does not slows down my computer. not sure if anyone else agrees with me.

    anyway, to add on the the Entourage topic... i am quite fustrated with the auto signature thingy. everything i forward a mail or reply a mail, my signature comes out after the received messeage. windows version have an option to include your signature between your new message and the previous message. but not on mac.

    tried searching around Entourage but can't find anyt settings. is there anyway to correct this?


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