Hi all, can share with me what is your Mac spec you have that you play Diablo 2 LOD game? Below is mine:-

Imac spec:
15" flat panel
iMac OSX 10.3.9
Processor 800 MHz PowerPC G4
Memory 768 MB SDRAM

Game play (DB2 LOD) run like H@(e)LL! Lag like H@(e)LL!:radioacti :radioacti Make me so angry that I reformat my imac to the original system that i bought which come with pre-install OSX10.1.2 version and OSx9.2.2 version.

I had played Diablo 2 previously in PC and its works well.

As DB2 LOd is run under classic OS9 platform so I was thinking if I don't upgrade my OSX to panther version, will it work fine without any lagging?

Hope to install DB2 asap! I wAN to play in battle net!!!