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    Skype quits as soon as isight starts-please help???
    Hi I have a G3 600mhz 512mb RAM imac on 10.3.9 and have downloaded Skype 2.0 for Mac. It opens fine but as soon as click on prefs then video it unexpectantly quits everytime or if I click on video it unexpectedly quits.

    There must be some firewall or :dummy: prefs or isight setting I am overlooking??? Can anyone help please?



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    It maybe the system Requirements looks like you need at least G4

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    I am having the same issue! It's running under a dual G4 1.25 with 768Mb ram.
    Skype 2.0
    OS release: 10.4.8.

    I don't think your firewall has to do with that behaviour.


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