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    Trouble with DVDxDVPro Filenames
    Hello everyone! I'm hoping that someone here might have some knowledge of the program DVDxDVPro. I am in the process of archiving hundreds of home movies by transfering the clips from DVDs to hard drives as Quicktime files. DVDxDVPro is working fine, except for the fact that it adds random characters to the end of a filename if it is too long.
    If I save as-
    Halloween 92, Enzo &
    What appears in Finder is
    Halloween 92, Enzo & R#8&.mov

    So, no big deal, I just change the name back in Finder. Well, it apparently was a big deal! Every filename that I changed will no longer open in any application. Quicktime says:
    Error opening the movie
    The movie could not be opened
    I've tried just shortening the name and keeping the .mov at the end, but no luck! Anyone have any thoughts on how to make these files open normally, or will I have to re-convert dozens of hours of material?

    Thanks for reading!

    Jonathan Elliott

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    have you tried running QuickTime first and then openning the movie file from with in the application? This should verify if the file is still good.
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