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Thread: Automator experts: Sensing which network I'm attached to

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    Automator experts: Sensing which network I'm attached to
    I need some help from the Automator experts out there. I'm not sure if this is a job for Automator or for Applescript. My MacBook Pro generally connects to only two wireless networks: home and work.

    I'd like a process to run at startup that determines if I'm attached to work, and if so, disable Bluetooth (because I don't use any Bluetooth devices at work). When I boot up and the process sees I'm attached to my home network, I'd like Bluetooth to be enabled.

    I guess this issue could be solved with user profiles, right? One user for home, and one for work. But so much of my stuff overlaps, that I'd prefer to just associate the network I'm attached as to whether certain things are enabled or not.

    Thoughts out there?
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    would it just make more sense to have a script mounted on the dock to turn it on? this way it only takes resources when you need it, and should only take cliking the dock once to activte.

    nto a scripter here though, so i'm not sure how it would work - just putting the idea out there...

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