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    Dec 05, 2006
    Can't find Stuffit
    Hey I'm a newbie to the mac, just got a macbook pro. I'm trying to open a .bin file and i know stuffit can open it. When i open zip files off the interent it seems to open with stuffit. I can't seem to find the actual application on my computer so that i can open the .bin file. The default loader application is quicktime for some reason. I can't find the stuffit applciation anywhere

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    I think you will need to download and instaall stuffit.

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    Dec 05, 2006
    You're right... sorry.. i thought i had it on the comp cause it kept showing when i downloaded files

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    I made the same mistake when I got my Macbook. I kept selecting "Open file" when downloading a .bin file. Only after a Spotlight search did I realize I didn't have the program installed

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