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Thread: snes9x help

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    snes9x help
    I downloaded snes9x and i don't know the controls to most of the games is there any ways to find out or change them.

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    to configure controls go to the menu config>configure keyboard/controls. That will only assign keyboard buttons to buttons though (eg. arrow keys = dpad, w key = x button) - it won't show buttons for accelerate or kick/punch.

    As for the controls of the game, well, that's what instruction manuals are for. If it doesn't show an in-game option for controls, then it's simply trial and error. Or you could look up a detailed FAQ, which often list controls.

    Personally, I prefer the original games since they are much easier to play, and you get the manual with it. If you want the best experience, better buy the game

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    or buy a Wii and download the game.

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