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    Keynote/Powerpoint questions
    I know, I know, I should be cursed for using the two in the same breath.

    So check this. I've got a presentation next week and I would love to use Keynote, but the powers that be are only using powerpoint. Is there a way for me to embed keynote video into a powerpoint slide?

    Also, is there a keynote player for windows?

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    I made a Keynote presentation of some of my photos. To make sure it would play on other Macs that don't have Keynote or on Windoze machines, I made a QuickTime movie (I have QuickTime Pro) that way my presentation can play anywhere.

    Could that work for you too?

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    You have a few options at your disposal.

    If what you're doing is just a video, export your Keynote to QuickTime (QT) and get VideoLan Client (VLC) for the presenter to playback the QT file. When the video is opened in VLC, press F to go fullscreen, spacebar to play/pause.

    If the presenter needs control over your presentation, export your Keynote to QT, create a launcher file to play it fullscreen (even without QT Pro)—I'm sorry I don't remember where to get this—and use the launcher to load the QT video on the presenter's computer. Spacebar advances.

    If you're making just video, and they need to be in PowerPoint slides, export your Keynote to QT, use ffmpegx to convert the video to an Xvid-encoded AVI, install the Xvid codec on the Windows PC, and insert the AVI into PowerPoint.

    Note that PowerPoint links with absolute paths to video and audio clips. So once the AVI is imported into PowerPoint, do not move the AVI file.

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