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    Installing Final Cut Express Problems
    Having recently obtained a copy of Final Cut Express, I am now faced with one problem. Space to install it. While I can fit the entire installation of it on my internal hard drive, it will leave me with less then 500MB remaining. Is there a way I can install it onto my external hard drive?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Put something from your internal (currently) onto your external, rather than vice versa.

    Final Cut Express will run far better on an internal drive. If you don't care about this fact, when you are going through the installer, it should offer the ability to choose to which drive you'd like to install. Make sure your external is Firewire and mounted at installation.
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    It is mounted, but it says that it needs to have Mac OSX installed on the drive. I would do the moving thing, but there isn't 10GB of files I can move.

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