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    surfing the web
    Firefox , Safari , Opera , what do you use, whats best? I think Fox runs a tad bite slower IMO.
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    Search, there are about 25 threads about this same thing.

    ...but I use Safari.
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by surfwax95 View Post
    ...but I use Safari.
    I used to use Firefox because that's what I use on my pc at work, but I've recently switched to Safari. The only problem I've had with Safari is that the configuration page for my Origo adsl modem/router doesn't work in Safari - I have to use Firefox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appleXcore View Post
    Firefox , Safari , Opera , what do you use, whats best? I think Fox runs a tad bite slower IMO.
    Safari launches really quickly and looks more 'OS X' but apart from that, I think Firefox is more compatible and once loaded should be marginally quicker on average. Having said that I have to use Safari for my secure logon to my work server (Firefox has issue with Java which I cannot work out).

    I tried Opera for a month (forced myself) and I just never really enjoyed it. I don't think I ever forgave them for sticking all those adverts in Opera 6 and 7 way back in the day, if you didn't pay for it.

    I vote Firefox.
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    put another check mark down for safari. whats best? its personal preference.

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    I started off using FireFox cos of being a switcher and all that but soon came to realise that Safari suited my needs best.

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    Safari is what I use 98% of the time except for a very few sites designed for IE only. There I use Camino. Camino is made by Mozilla and uses the Firefox engine, but is made just for OSX and fits in so much better than Firefox. Also with CamiTools installed, it's gone to some IE Only sites that nothing else on OSX will log into. For sure worth a try. I use all 4 of them (Safari, Camino, Firefox and Opera) pretty much in that order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfwax95 View Post
    Search, there are about 25 threads about this same thing.

    ...but I use Safari.
    At least. :black:
    Here are but a few of them that are the most concise...

    Web Browser Poll Thread

    Web Browser Recommendations

    Mac Browsers

    Question on Best Browser
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    I used Safari from the get-go....I use Firefox as a secondary browser as I sometimes run into compatibility issues with the Website and Safari.

    I also have Opera and Camino which I prefer to use, just need to set them up properly (bookmarks, keychains, etc) then I'll just get rid of Firefox as I'm not really a fan of it. btw I camino is built on the same Mozilla Structure I just somehow prefer it more than FF

    I do like the IE 7 for Windows though, shame they haven't got a Mac Version.
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