I have a simple AI demo application called “answer pad” where you can input in text “steve Akers phone number is 555-0000” and then you can ask it “what is Steve Akers phone number” and it will tell you. Or, ask "whose number is 555-000" and it will tell you “Steve Akers”. It can remember many facts, and you can ask for them in various ways, and it usually gets what you want. A more adavanced/refined version could be a valuable applicaiton.

The Answerpad application got me thinking though, why not an intelligent Langauge interface ILI? One that I could ask anything from “where is that document I wrote about the tax increase last week” to “what printer driver versions does this computer have?” but is there is any other application that uses AI and basic logic to answer questions the way a human would? Let me know if you find such a program.