TLA Systems is looking for help!

We've just released a first public beta of the latest DragThing 5.7 that we're working on. It's available to download now here.

The main new feature of this release is going to be "dock themes" - a simple way to make your DragThing docks look better. It does away with all the trial and error from previous versions - you now just pick from a range of cool styles in a single place.

Here are some examples of the same dock wearing different clothes:

So, we need two kinds of help:

1) The built in themes we've made so far are pretty good, but we think there are people out there who could do something amazing. If you are interested in making a DragThing theme and are handy with Photoshop and BBEdit, please get in touch with us at this address.

We're currently preparing a tutorial on theme creation, and we'll send it to all interested parties when it's done. We're going to eventually host user themes for download in a special section on, and hopefully include the very best with the final 5.7 release. There's also a new "Themes" section on the DragThing forums where people can ask questions and trade tips.

2) We're also looking for people who are generally interested in helping us test the new version and look for any problems before the official 5.7 release. As an experiment, we're going to be making all the normally private beta releases of 5.7 publicly available for anybody to try out. Please send all feedback to the normal address.