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    Hi guys having had my lovely PowerBook stolen looks like my insurance will replace with either a MacBook plus the price difference of a Pro or the Pro.

    Im an Architecture Student and need some descent drawing packages and indeed photo editing software.

    I use Sketchup! For Basic 3D, also full Adobe Suite can anyone confirm if Sketchup is compatible with Intel-Macs? And how slow is Adobe at the moment on a base model MBP? (it would hardly run on my mates MacBook (non-pro)

    Finally I use AutoCAD (2007) on my work windows based PC but would like a decent intel Mac alternative I hear that ArchiCAD is now free to students and wondered if anyone can give me some examples of what its capable of and what its like to use compared to AutoCAD.

    All comments / suggestions on architectural programs welcomed

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    Hi jo5ephedward5.

    Maybe you could check out Architosh and see if they have posted any reviews or check the Architosh forums. If something is decent in terms of architecture software for Macintosh, that's where you'll find it.

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    I tryed out sketchup the other day on my intel macbook pro. It worked fine.

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