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    Issue with Mac Safari browser
    We recently launched a site developed in .net. We claimed it will work on both windows and Mac machines untill we encountered an issue with a particular letter, The letter "t". It sounded very strange when few reported to me about this issue. The issue is when you type on any text fields the letter small "t" is not visible. I started researching on net and to my surprise I didnt find any issue or solution related to this. I read in a blog that ebay had a similar problem with Safari browser but there is no solution given.

    Whatever it is when so many website work in safari why not my site, i am pretty sure i am using something which Safari renders it wrong. Had anyone come accross similar issues or can anyone suggest me what could be wrong here!!!

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    How about posting the link here - I've never come across an issue like this before..

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    I've had this issue on other sites myself. I think it may have something to do with font smoothing in mac but I'm not 100%. All I use is safari so I'd be more than happy to test it.

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    I have to ask, has the site been tested in Firefox? (On the Mac and for Windows)

    Also, does it use Javascript?

    If it is a public site and you would like to post a link, users might be able to look at it and provide input that would be specific to their hardware and software.

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