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Thread: Cool book?

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    Cool book?
    Hey guys, anybody tried an application called 'cool book' to reduce temp probs with the Macbook?

    Found the link on, sorry don't know how 2 paste the link here.

    Just been reading about it's benefits, sure would be great 2b able to surf on yr lap.

    Mine gets almost radioactive after a while and is now confined 2 sitting on a table when in use for prolonged periods.

    Appreciate anything back, thanks,

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    I don't about about CoolBook, but I use a program called SMCfancontrol which does the trick of cooling down my MacBook very nicely.

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    I have to say that is an excellent programme, but what is the max fan speed of the fans, is it 6000rpm?

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    you shouldnt have to turn the fans up past 3500, id stay under 3500 and stay on the safe side.
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    What reasoning do you have that?

    Nevermind found it myself. I will bare that in mind. Lucky I never used it at 6,000rpm for more than a few minutes.

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    the shareware version does not allow u to change the cpu frequency, which isnt much use. however i did purchase the full software for 10US dollars, which isnt a bad deal at all, and now i can control the CPU frequency, which makes it a lot better because im in class all the time, and the stupid fan noise is so loud ppl start to look at me, so now i can make it operate at 1GHz and lower the fan speed with the smcFanControl, 2 best combo softwares ever in my mind.

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