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    Widget Review: Image Shackle
    I'm a recent Mac switcher (as of 10/31). I'm not very graphically inclined (I don't own Photoshop, nor do I know that much about it). For basic image manipulation tasks on the PC, I used a great freeware application called Irfanview. I'd say 95% of all the tasks I needed Irfanview for were for resizing and resampling of images.

    So far on my Macs, I've not found a quick and dirty application for resizing images (well, not as fast as I could do it in that PC app anyway). Graphic Converer is okay I suppose. Tonight, I found a super cool little OS Xwidget that will handle quick and dirty resizing needs (via Problogger via Lifehacker). It's called Image Shackle:

    Like the widget description at says, "There is no need to open a full-featured program such as Photoshop every time you want to make a simple size adjustmant [sic] to a picture."

    Dragging files to the Dashboard is easy (though I wouldn't mind a right-click Open With context too), and the output isn't bad either. I've found it's pretty handy for quick resizing of photos for posting in a blog, or for a quick email. Anyway...thought I'd share. Have a look!

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    nice work man, thanks

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