I've been a big fan of Ta-Da Lists for several months now. It's a great and free tool to keep very simple and very handy lists (shopping lists, to do lists, reminder lists, project lists). You can easily make a list, sort it, check items off, add new items, share lists with friends, RSS--all the functionality you'd expect of a simple list tool.

Now you can access these lists in Dashboard with this very cool widget. You just put in your Ta-Da Lists username and password on the back of the widget and it'll grab all your lists that you have in your account. You can add items via the widget, as well as check items off your list. Plus, you can just click on the list title to jump to the web site to see your list in greater detail.

And Ta-Da Lists are free--which is a good thing, seeing as their Basecamp product is not.

Anyway...I loves me some widgets--especially when they compliment or expand on things I'm already doing on the web. I recommend this one. The widget and Ta-Da Lists are worth checking out.


--C. A.