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    Angry Exporting Thunderbird messages to Mail
    I'm trying to change from Thunderbird to Mail 2.0.

    The challenge is to successfully import all of my mail from Thunderbird to Mail. When I use Mail's import function, my comp spends a large chunk of time importing the messages, but then they don't appear in Mail.

    I've tried importing them via Entourage. Same result.

    I've tried renaming my mailboxes to mailbox.mbox and then importing it, same result.

    I've tried running the Python scripts to clean up the EOL's, same result.

    The really frustrating thing is that some of the folders will import perfectly, but some won't.

    Any suggestions much appreciated!



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    Try this, although you probably already have:

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    Angry Already tried...
    Thanks Marty.

    Yep, I've already tried that. Also tried running the script mentioned with no luck....

    Any other tips?



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