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    Entourage Tasks and Rules
    I was looking around a bit and searched for anything related to entourage and theses two other words, to find nothing.

    I'm currently getting task that have been created by evolution, but they don't appear to be recognized by Entourage - I can create a task from the message, but the content is then pretty garbled. Anyone know of a fix for this?

    Also, I've migrated from Mail, and imported all the mac Mail rules - It seems that these rules can't be applied in Entourage. They are set correctly, and enabled - but my inbox just received an email from a, which is in the rule set, yet the message didn't get moved to my Apple folder (per rule) - Clicking to apply rule to the message itself doesn't do anything either -

    Anyone has faced any of these issues and found solutions?


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    As far as I know, you can't import rules from Mac mail to Entourage more info. But you may find some useful applescripts for Entourage here

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