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Thread: Newsmac Pro

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    Newsmac Pro
    I downloaded the standard version just fine but interestingly, the Pro version wouldn't expand properly. Hmmm accidentily on purpose?

    I found another link but it was also corrupted. Does anyone have a good link or an explanation?

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    newsmac pro worked fine for me. I skipped rego just to test it, and it worked fine. Try downloading it again (maybe from a different source? I got it from their site) and it could work then.

    Newsmac (free version) also worked fine for me.

    I'd just try the download again. Occassionally something like that can happen with dmg's, and this will usually fix it. Both worked fine on my macbook, so maybe it's just a spot of bad luck? They do work.

    Also, thanks for letting me know about the software. I wasn't aware of it before, but it looks quite useful. cheers!
    Hope you get the problem sorted out.

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    LOL you're welcome. I did d/l from a different site, hope to find another.

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