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    Paralell Window Size
    I have Paralells installed with Windows XP Pro to do home work for classes (Software requires Windows) ... My problem is when I open and launch XP in Paralells once it logs into Windows, the Paralells window expands with half of the window off the screen where I can't see the start button or the task bar ... Any way to resize it? There is no little adjuster on the right bottom hand corner ... Don't want to have to do full screen on it all the time especially since I got Messenger runnin on Mac and I miss IM's.

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    Change the screen resolution on the Windows XP desktop and the Parallels desktop resizes automatically. That should sort out your problem.

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    In the Windows OS, reduce the resolution. Goto Control Panel then Display and work your way from the Bottom up to find the ideal "Size". Also a handy tip is that while clicked in the Windows OS you can press Alt + Enter and it will make it full screen which is fairly handy.

    Hope that helps.
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    All of these are good and valid suggestions, and I have one more:

    Make sure you've installed Parallels Tools for Windows. This will address the screen resizing as you go between full screen (alt-enter) and a window.

    Any time you upgrade versions of Parallels, you need to reinstall Parallels Tools. It's kind of a pain, but once it's in place it's all good.

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