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    Best P2P for Mac
    I just got my first mac and searching for a good p2p. I was using an older version of BearShare on my pc and i could find anything i was looking for. I tried acquisition and it was aweful. Any easy to use and get good search results?

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    Please use the search feature at the top of the forum. This has been asked and discussed multiple times. You'll find good answers there.
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    Just use Azureus. It takes a little getting use to if you are coming from a program like BearShare, but it is very good once you get it customized to fit your needs.

    I hear Transmission is very good as well, though I haven't used it. I haven't used BitRocket either.

    But Azureus is definetly an A+. Do some research on it before you actually download it, otherwise you maybe kind of overwhelmed (like I was initially). It's not like LimeWire or BearShare, but it's still very good nontheless.

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