So, I really need to get out more.

I love my widgets. Before I switched to Mac last week, I was a big Konfabulator fan (now Yahoo! Widgets) and had tons of them (okay...a dozen) running on my PC. I like my Mac widgets so much more though (maybe because they're just more tightly integrated with the OS, I don't know).

Anyway...I was looking for a movie showtimes widget on, but I got distracted when I ran across this cool widget for seeing what's in the Now Playing list of your TiVo. If you're TiVo is on your home network, you can plug into it with this widget to see what's currently on your TiVo.

Here's a link:

What's Now Playing on the TiVo?

And here's another (but I couldn't get this one to work for some reason):

Now Playing (TiVo Widget)

So...I likes me some TiVo connectivity. LOL

What are some of your favorite widgets?

--C. A.