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    iMac, 2monitors and fullscreen mode
    I hope I'm not totally off this forums by asking this question:

    On my iMac there is one mini-DVI output. I have a Panasonic flatscreen TV connected to that output and would love to see Movies on it. However, if I want to go to full screen mode, the full screen mode is executed on my computerscreen and not on the TV. -
    Does anyone have a tip regarding this limitation? - is there a software/share- or freeware that could help solving the issue?

    My other question regards the resolution to be selected in the display prefs of the iMac. The specs of the TV says 1024 x 720 pixels, but doesnt specify the frequency in Hz I should select from the list in the iMac display prefs. -

    thanks a lot for any inputs!

    iMac, 2GHz Intel Core duo, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, bus: 667 MHz running OSX Tiger Version 10.4.6

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    Don't know the answer off hand, but there's no such thing as a silly question, so don't think you'll be off the forum! LOL

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