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    DVD File Management Cataloguer Software
    Hi All.

    My works currently back-up all files to dvds and then these are stored in a cupboard. The files on the dvds are filed in job numbers and we have to manually write in a folder what dvd number holds what jobs.

    I've searched and searched on the net for some good cataloging software but can't find anything suitable.

    I'd like some software that my room would be able to use to find any job in a matter of seconds, along time ago back on OS9 we used disktraker but this was only good for cd cataloging and wouldn't work with dvds.

    Please can anyone help me, I know this software must exist but so far google hasn't helped me one bit.

    Thanks in advance for any help


    (tried using the search also but got nothing)

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    this software [disco] that i noticed mentioned in some other thread, seems like it may do what you want - see section titled "Discography".

    that probably won't help you with your old backups though; unless it reads and catalogues older data as well as newly created discs.
    and my guess is that normal cataloguing software won't help either since it wouldn't be able to determine what it is you have on your discs (not a movie, not an album, etc).

    you may just be best off with some sort of manually maintained database (excel, calc, access, etc).

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    CDFinder must be all that you need.

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    cheers people

    just downloading CDFinder now

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    In my PC past, I used an application from called, creatively, Movie Collector. They also create collection management software for music, books, comic books, video games, MP3s, photos, etc. They have OS X versions for music, movies and books. Might be worth a try too, but pricey at $49.95, in my opinion, and is probably more suited to managing collections of stuff than files.
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