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Thread: Thunderbird to Entourage migration

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    Thunderbird to Entourage migration
    Hey everyone,

    I'm fairly new to mac and i'm seeking some help.

    First off, I installed a newer version of Entourage b/c the current 10.2.X version didn't support exchange.

    I just installed the new app under applications and all is working. I still have the older version, will I do any harm by leaving it there or can I just uninstall it (w.o removing word, excel) etc.

    My main question now is the migration.

    I need to copy over the mail, contacts, calendar, etc from thunderbird to entourage.

    Thunderbird doesen't have a feature to "export"

    I read on the modzilla site that I can just import everything from the current profile to the new mail client (entourage)

    It states that I must import the standard plain text file which is in a "mbox" format.

    So I clicked on import, plain text (mbox) and searched threw my profile and I found all of the mbox files that I need to import. The problem is, when I select the file/folder, the "import" button is greyed out. It doesen't allow me to import any files at all with the mbox format. I have no idea what to do at this point...

    Anyone have any suggestions..?


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    Yup - they probably need to be renamed with a ".mbx" extension. Remember, Entourage is a Microsoft program. It probably lives and dies on those three letter extensions!

    Try adding ".mbx" to the filenames. I bet it works!
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