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    Optimizing Illustrator
    I'm a graphic design student and use all the Adobe products on a daily basis. It takes me about 15-20 secs to open Illustrator which takes me less on PC. I just got my MBP and wondering if there is a way to cut down the loadup time for Illustrator and other Adobe products. I know that fonts maybe the reason however I have about 150 fonts on the system. Do any of you recommend me taking out all the fonts and using Suitcase? This may cause missing system fonts and errors, thats why I haven't done it yet.

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    I'd recommend realizing that 10-15 seconds isn't much time at all.

    Your MacBook Pro runs an Intel processor, for which the Adobe apps aren't optimized. An Intel version should be coming out in the spring.
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    None of the Adobe products are written for the Intel mac's yet so they are running under rosetta emulation which slows things down considerably. You will have to wait until CS3 for it to be compatible
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    Quote Originally Posted by surfwax95 View Post
    I'd recommend realizing that 10-15 seconds isn't much time at all.
    I would have to agree. :black:

    Seriously though, yes you are running a non-Universal application under PPC emulation. It is going to take a little bit longer to do some rendering and startup.
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    Thanks, at least I know the reason for the slowdown wasn't cuz the machine sucked. I mean I expect it to be better then a pc i got two years ago. Thanks for ur input guys. Good to also hear there will be a more reliable version coming out.

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    Delete all the plugins you don't need. That will lop a couple of seconds off.

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    Where do I del them? :bomb:

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