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Thread: WC3 FT Lag! Help plz!

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    WC3 FT Lag! Help plz!
    I just got a 2.16ghz MBP and i tried playing it but theres some video glitches and lag. Its playable but the lag and ugly graphics are annoying. I dont have any of these problems on a pc but I hope I can be able to play. Technically it should run fine cuz this laptop is more then enough to support it. However reading other forums, supposely the Rosetta is causing much of the RAM to be used causing the lag. Any help on this would be grateful.

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    If the game is not a universal binary then it will be running under rosetta which means it is running under emulation. I don't think there is any way around this, you could try adding more RAM but you're still probably going to see less than stellar performance. They might do what they did with Halo and release a universal version and allow people to trade in the PPC disc for the universal one, but who knows.
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    Grr, its annoying that this machine is overpowered for WC but still cant run it. Thx anyway but I doubt they will come out with a universal one.

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    If you are wondering what applications are Universal, then check out this link:

    It has a search feature so you can put in the name of the app you are interested in and see if it is Universal yet or not.
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    Thanks, this was helpful.

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    I've heard that in some cases (I'm sure someone here could confirm this) that running windows and the windows version of the game will run better than the mac version (at least a non-universal mac version)

    If this is true, it may be worth looking into if you're a serious gamer

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