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    Sleep/Logout +Bittorrent
    Hey folks, I just switched from using a PC to a mac-mini, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

    I've had some trouble though, I'm trying to use bittorrent and it doesn't quite work. I get everything running and connected and downloading at a good rate, but when I leave it overnight and come back in the morning it has made almost no progress. Since I don't think it's the torrents fault, I believe something is halting the program (maybe an auto logout or something?) after I leave the computer alone.

    I have auto-sleep and auto-shutdown turned off under powersaving, is there anything else I can do?

    I'm using the basic bittorent client.

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    Seeing as you have both sleep and auto logoff turned off I would suggest trying another client.

    Try Azureus, Bits on Wheels, or Transmission.

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    It's possible that your upload rate is too high. Depending on your connection, you shouldn't be uploading more than 20-50kbps. Your download rate will drastically suffer if your uploading too much.

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