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    Question Looking for something similar to Microsoft Publisher for MAC
    Hi there guys,

    I'm at that time of the year where I need to begin writing up reports, proposal documentation etc. and am looking for a MAC alternative to Microsoft Publisher.

    Call me old school but the simple reason I used MS Publisher to write up my proposal documents was because you can add colour, shapes etc. and move them around easily.

    Now I tried using Pages but every time I print preview or save as a PDF the layout is different from what I set it to be.

    For example, I have a bar of colour running down the side of a page (sitting flush to the side of the page, no white space/margin), It all looks fine until i go to print preview or save it as a PDF. What comes out is a page with my red block of colour practically in the middle?!

    Any idea's?


    Chris :mac:

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    Probably this one:

    But you may want to try others from this list:

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