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    Looking for a good business customer database program for the Mac
    I have a online retail business and am working on always expanding my customer database. I never really had an organized system on the PC but now that I'm switching to Mac I've decided it's time to get a good system.
    With the PC I did do some simple stuff on Outlook and as well on Quickbooks 2006. With the Mac I plan to upgrade to Quickbooks 2007 for Mac. This does a few things for me and for my PIM I'm looking at either Entourage or using the Mail, iCal, Address Book programs. I have a feeling this will help me some but I'm looking into what other more advanced programs there are.
    What I am looking for is something I can simply do a customer database in. Basically what I mean is keep track of customers, what type of products they order or are interested in, keeping track of customer mailing lists for newsletters, create customer mailing labels, etc. I know I could probably get something like Filemaker Pro but I want a simple out of the box solution, not something I have to do a lot of work to create.
    Any suggestions for a good solution, hopefully for the Mac side but if not I can run it on the PC Side under Parallels. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    You need a CRM app. ("Customer Relationship Management")

    DayLite is probably the biggest player on the Mac.

    Account Executive is newer

    CRM4Mac provides a more integrated view of Mail and iCal, sort of like how Outlook/Entourage does.

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