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Thread: Looking for Media (Video, Music) conversion software

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    Looking for Media (Video, Music) conversion software
    For the PC I have a suite of conversion programs by ImToo and Xilisoft which is basically a suite of programs to convert many media types any way you want such as mp4 to wmv, avi to wmv, wmv to avi, mp3 to others, etc. Basically you can convert any video or audio program between many formats. I'm not as concerned with picture formats since I think I can change these in Adobe PhotoShop and mostly just use jpg anyway.
    These programs will also convert video to be uploaded to a ipod, sony psp, etc. These are for the PC now and since I have my first Mac I'm looking for something similar to this for the Mac. Any suggestions?

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    FfMpegX can covert almost anything you can throw at it. Interface is a bit funky though.

    Quicktime Pro is fairly useful for lots of common media and can transcode into a variety of formats.

    VisualHub is also great for video encoding I hear.

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