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Thread: Safari Save As?

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    Safari Save As?
    I use Firefox, but my friend is trying to save an mp3 on the internet with Safari...for some reason when you try and save it using save as it doesn't work...?

    What's wrong?

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    specifics? It's just hard to know what your friend is and isn't doing otherwise.

    With safari, I don't always load the file and then choose save as. If it's accessible through a link, I often option+click the link to download directly. Or control+click the link and choose from there. Either of those usually work fine for me.

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    If it's a link, just right-click it and select 'Download linked file'.

    Or hold down the option key and click the link.

    The 'Save as...' command from the file menu is for saving the entire page's content.

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