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    How to share bookmarks in Safari/Firefox-Popups
    I got my MBP today and it's sure a big change for Windows, all for the better! Honestly after I started using it I barely even touched my Windows laptop anymore. I'm not sure which web browser I'll use. I used Safari a lot and just tried Firefox. What I like about Firefox is the tabbed browsing and no pop-ups. Maybe I'm missing something in Safari but I haven't used tabbed browsing and most of all ,I'm getting a lot of popups. Is there a way to avoid them?
    As well, since I have a desktop in the house as well as a laptop that I will use at home and on the go, is there a way to sync/share Bookmarks? What I mean is that I have the same bookmarks on both machines as well as obviously if I add to one machine it adds to the other. Is there some type of sync function for this? With the Windows machines I actually shared them meaning I stored them on the desktop and when at home the laptop would point to that directory to use the bookmarks. On the go though I had to make a copy of them. I'm not sure if I'll be using Safari or Firefox regularly though.

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    you can turn tabbing on in safari too just mess around in the perfs you will find it.

    syncin up best way if you have 2 mac computers is get yourself a .mac account i have one and its great my powermac and macbookpro have the same bookmarks address books and i have one folder which is on the .mac account called idisc which is always sync to both macs
    powermac G5 2.3Ghz 2 gig ram
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    macbookpro 2.16 100gigHd@ 7200rpm 2gig ram

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