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    Wink Office 2004 ID request
    Hey guys!
    I am running a OSx office 2004 and trying to block it from accesing the web, it checks for product ID and tels me that someone else is allready using it...i have the genuine one...
    i don't like Microsoft and never liked them,would rather fix it myself,with our help..
    so how do I block a program from accesing the web?

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    If it tells you someone else is using it and you are certain yours is a valid copy, you should contact Microsoft to tell them about it.

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    Your only solution is to contact microsoft. You will need to provide verification that your purchased the program and they will create a new product ID for you so that yours is the only genuine copy.
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    The best solution is to do what everyone else suggested. The only other way to get around this is to disconnect from the internet.
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    Or you could just buy another legal copy and really stick it to Microsoft.

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    Actually, it sounds as though someone else on your local network is using the same serial nr.

    As far as I know, office doesn't check online with microsoft to validate the serial nr, but it does scan the local network to see if it is being used on multiple machines.

    If this is the case, just close office on the other mac and it should start fine on yours. You can install it on multiple machines, but you can only have it open on one at a time.

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