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    Question Indesign CS– links not updating for files on server
    My company uses Indesign CS (3.0.1 on Mac OSX). We recently moved our job files over to a network drive, a Dell PowerEdge with Windows 2003 Standard Server, to help centralize operations. Problem is, I've noticed I couple oddities in Indesign when using the files on the server.

    The most noteable and alarming hiccup is that linked images in an Indesign document no longer show "updated" icons when edited outside Indesign, nor can we re-insert an image to update the image manually.

    As an example... Let's say I have a document with an image in it already up and running in Indesign. If I open up the image in Photoshop and save it, normally when going back to Indesign the Links panel would show that yellow ! icon to indicate that the file has been altered, so I would know to update the link and thus have the most recent image. Now that all our files are on the server, however, this doesn't happen: I get no indication that the graphic has been updated outside of Indesign. Even worse is that if I edit the graphic in Photoshop, save it, then go back into Indesign, click on the image, and try and insert the same image again (which before would always update it for me), nothing happens– despite having been updated and saved in Photoshop, the image will not change to the new version. I have to insert an entirely different image, then go *back* to the first one before it'll recognize the updated image.

    Does anyone have any idea why Indesign (installed locally on each Mac) would be having this sort of trouble with files stored on a network drive? I know plenty of other agencies that operate off a central creative server, so surely this can be remedied somehow.


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    We have this problem once in awhile we also are working off file server

    Have you found a way to respolve it

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    I'm pretty sure the only solution is switching to CS3– I don't remember where it was, but I'd found a note somewhere that said Windows servers and CS (on a Mac, anyway) just don't play well together. We made the switch to the newer versions of CS shortly after I'd made the post and it seemed to fix the issue.


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