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    Importing to iphoto query
    Could someone plese assist with my problem importing a jpeg file into iphoto.

    I have captured part of a screen using grap and then converted it to jpeg in Preview. I then thought it would be simple to import this into iphoto to use in a slideshow. However, even though it is shown in my iphoto library in finder it will not appear anywhere in iphoto. If I try and import it from iphoto I get a message saying it is an unreadable file and that 'the following file could not be imported (The file is in the iphoto library folder)'. I have also tried dragging the file into iphoto but get the same message. The file opens in preview OK.

    I'm sure I am probably missing something simple here. I have searched this forum and the net but can't find an answer.


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    you dont need to convert the screenshot for it to work. Just go to File -> Import into iPhoto Library and import the original screenshot
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    Great, that works. Thanks a lot. For some reason I thought iphoto couldn't import tiffs.

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