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    Angry mail/safari probs but only in one account
    AAARRGGHHH, having a nightmare here.

    Just out of the blue my mail program started having problems. when i load it up it just hangs, can't even force quit.

    Safari also has problems, unexpectedly quitting when you launch it.

    If I trash the safari plist file then it's the same again. If I trash the mail plist then it's ok but I lose my settings.


    ...the odd thing is that if I set up a new account on the macbook then I can import the same mail preference file and it's fine and safari is fine.

    Is there some other plist that applies to both programs that I'm missing? Should I reinstall the OS?

    My stats are:
    macbook 1.83
    768 ram
    latest firmware etc

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    bump bump

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    will i bump again?

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