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    Themes/Skins+Battery Question
    Are there any programs or something similar (or maybe it's built in and I don't know) that'll change the skin/color/theme to a different color such as black? I remember I had a theme for XP that gave me a Mac interface but it was was called Onyx or Panther or something but I'm sure the user just made that up. Any help would be appreciated.

    BTW, this question was triggered when I did the ctrl+alt+command+8 trick.

    Also, I mostly leave my MacBook plugged in in my dorm room. On occassion I'll take it out to class or something. Is it bad to leave the MacBook plugged in? Also, the battery doesn't seem to be able to charge to 100% anymore. It just sits at 97% or something similar. But yeah, help will be appreciated.


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    I'm not sure for the battery, I leave my Powerbook plugged in all the time and it's still working great.
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    is there anything like shapeshifter for intel based macs yet?
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    Ah, I have an Intel Mac :wtc:

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