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    Speech recognition issue
    I'm using Tiger on an iMac G5 with iSight.

    I have tried using Speech Recognition to cut down on the amount of mousing and keyboarding I do. I have it set to listen for the keyword (computer) and then the command. So the mic is listening all the time for that keyword.

    Well, after a while (no more than an hour so far), the little arrows that blink when the mic is recognizing stuff continuously blink. The bars under the mic indicating input level show the usual one blue bar. So it looks like the speech recognition server is working hard trying to understand input that isn't there.

    When I try to shut down the speech recognition, it freezes up. I have to force the speech processes to quit.

    Any ideas about what's going on here? I want to use Speech, but the mic and software seem to be stuck on processing stuff that isn't there.

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