I haven't had any real problems with my Mac mini... until now.

The other day as I downloaded a torrent, instead of the usual blue frog for Azureus appearing as the icon, it was the icon that shows up when it doesn't know what program to use to open itself.

Anyways, I thought this was odd, so I went to Apps, hoping to open up Azureus to try opening the torrent file. Right after clicking Apps, finder didn't respond, so I restarted finder. After a few more finder lock-ups, I dragged Azureus into the trash, (this too had the generic icon like the torrent file), but still keeping the rest of the other Azureus stuff. This action made my trash go crazy, so I did something in Terminal I've done before to reset the trash.

After restarting, everything was fine. But I think that Azureus got messed up because it is Java based. Also, websites that revolve around Java cause the browser to crash. This is remedied by not enabling Java in the browser. Also, everything is fine, I can click on all the folders having to do with Java until I go to Library>Java>Home>lib; if I click on "lib" finder doesn't respond. I don't know what to do, so do any of you have any idea what I can do?