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Thread: Jpeg resizer in bulk

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    Jpeg resizer in bulk
    I have lots and lots of pictures that are 5mb each, but thats too big to upload or send in emails.I don't want to do them in Preview individually either. I'm very new to owning a Mac system so was wondering what program (either freeware or payware) can decrease the size of the pictures to jpeg but not affect the quality of the pictures too much


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    You can try ImageConverter.
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    Photoshop will do this if you happen to have it. It is fairly pricey, so I wouldn't go get it just for this. If you do have it, check under File, Automate, Image Processor. It will do all sorts of clever things in bulk to whole folders of photos. I use it all the time - it is great tool.
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    If you highlight the images in iPhoto Library and then go to iPhoto>Share>Export, you can select a size for the batch export and this will reduce the overall size of each of the selected pictures but won't affect the quality.

    My test produced an image which was 288kb and was reduced to 52kb.

    With a 5mb pic, your going to have to experiment with reaching that happy medium with regards to having an image with which you are happy with the quality and doesn't take forever to upload.

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