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    Safari / Bookmarks
    The only thing that keeping me from using Safari as my primary browser is the bookmark situation. I'm currently using Firefox because I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the books marks down on a sidebar (like in windows). Is having the bookmark bar up top something that I just have to deal with?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Unfortunately for you it appears that way, I don't know anyway but I'm only a Noob.

    However I think it looks and works better on Safari, myself anyway
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    Click and drag the little icon next to the url to your desktop or into the dock to the left of the trash can.
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    I have a lot of my bookmarks appear in folders in the bookmark bar.
    eg. Forums (dropdown folder)>
    Really simple. If anything isn't stored there, apple+opt+b and I'm there in a flash.

    I'm not really sure why you say you have to use Firefox instead, as to my knowledge, the Firefox bookmark bar is pretty much the same. Only that bookmark manager opens in a new window. Hardly more convenient.

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    To 05GT: If you really like Firefox or IE, you can just download a version of Firefox for Mac.

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    Nevermind my last comment - I didn't read yours thoroughly.

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