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    Photobooth flash blacks out screen
    On about 3 occasions now the flash produced by Photobooth when taking the photo causes the screen to immediately blank out (ie. it goes black). Not completely -- you can just make out the vaguest outline of the open windows -- but apparently irrecoverably. The only way out seems to be a hard reboot. I haven't been able to pinpoint anything that these 3 occasions have had in common.

    Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas what might be causing it and/or what I can do to prevent it recurring?

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    my photobooth is completely whacked out one seems to know anything about it on good luck.

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    It's called a flash....

    It's supposed to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamindaines
    It's called a flash....

    It's supposed to do that.

    LOL!! I think you've picked up the wrong impression from my post. Perhaps I didn't explain it too well. I'm not talking about the flash itself. The screen is NOT supposed to look like you've just turned the computer off after you've taken a photograph. It's supposed to go back to how it was before you took the photograph.

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