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    optimization software
    I am new to the world of MAC. I have to service some for work and have had some users ask me if there is some software that will speed them back up. They say that they are begining to slow down. I am comparing this to windows defrag or norton system works. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    if they are left on 24/7 they will do all necessary maintenance that they will ever need, there is no need to defrag or anything like that. your not using windows anymore!

    the computers file system "defrags on the fly" meaning that it shuffles around your information all of the time

    their computers most likely arent slowing up they just arent as fast as they want them to be anymore.

    do a forum search for "repair permissions" that is the only sort of "maintenance" that i do and im not sure if it actually speeds anything up or not
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    Thanks Chris,

    These MAC's are at an advertising agency and the users are pretty savy and do a lot of heavy graphics work. They are only a couple months old Intel chip MAC's. I was approached by 2 different people who mentioned that they seemed slower than when they got them.

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    I would tell them just to leave them on for a week... it will do everything it needs too.
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    Is it possible that they've "slowed down" because the users have started doing actual, well, work on them? And do they have enough memory for what they're being used for?

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    If your looking for a good maintnence program onyx works great. Cleans out safari caches, all sorts of stuff.

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    main menu is much better i find, just sits in your menu bar and i usually run it at least once a week - on a weekend if i've been running my machines alot.

    the linked versionis for upto 10.4.7 - i''m still waiting on the update for my 10.4.8 machine though lol

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    Cocktail has worked well for me.
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    After I did a clean install I benchmark tested my machine with xbench and if i feel that the machine is getting slower then I benchmark it again. Last time I did this I found that the machine was faster than after doing a clean install. Benchmarking is not completely accurate all the time but it put my mind to rest. Maybe this would be something to consider doing. !!

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