I've just made the switch from my PC and all is going well, but I do have a couple of mail questions.

1) In the Mail client that comes with Tiger, is there a way to keep messages from being marked read as you move through the list and see them in the preview pane? Most mail clients I've seen have either a delay before it's marked read, an option to turn this off completely, or both. I love the simplicity of this client, but that drives me nuts.

2) Is it possible to change the assigned hotkey for actions like Flag a message or Unflag a message? Or to create a hotkey for setting priority from high to normal to low? I like using combinations of these for smart folders.

3) How about having smart mailboxes update themselves while you are in them? It appears that you have to leave and come back in for any changes to take effect. An example is that I have a smart mailbox called Active Mail that shows messages that are flagged. After I unflag one, it still sits there until I exit and come back in. On the offchance anyone used this, I am trying to replicate as much of NEO (www.emailorganizer.com) as possible on the Mac. It's the one app that really kept me on the PC and may force me to get Parallels or VMware when it's out.

I've tried Entourage and can get around a lot of this with it, but the performance seems quite slow compared to Mail (I have a new MacBook with 2GB Ram). Any other client suggestions would be appreciated, too!

Thanks for any advice!