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Thread: Transmit or Cyberduck

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    Transmit or Cyberduck
    I have both transmit and cyberduck and I like both. I personally like the whole drag from your finder interface because it seems more intuitive to me. Drag directly from your computer to the web/server just makes sense. However, I have had some issues with the stability of cyberduck. Transmit is something i just picked up the other day. It seems a lot like Fugu and EVERY other FTP program. Your comp on the left, the server on the right.

    I guess I am sort of trying to defend cyberduck but wondering if I should be doing so since it doesn't seem as stable, and its not like all the other FTP progs as far as interface.

    Is transmit really better. Everyone likes it so much... What is better about it? Is it more reliable transfer? Is it faster?

    Oh by the way... both have very clever icons which is another positive of both :-)

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    No problems with Cyberduck here.
    Every one does pretty much the same, just in a different way. I only need to upload files through FTP, and I can't think of an easier way for Cyberduck to do it.

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    The only problem I have with cyberduck is that SFTP is _s_l_o_w_. For example, using scp or sftp from the command line I can get about 2.8MB/s over my wireless LAN. Using cyberduck (same machine, same hardware, same wifi connection) I only get 20-30KB/s. With Fugu I get the same 2.8MB/s as I do with command line scp, so it's definitely a problem with cyberduck.

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