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Thread: quicktime avi help

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    quicktime avi help
    Hi everyone,

    Apple lost my powerbook and were kind enough to send me a new mac book pro as a replacement. I seem to have most things working but my digital camera video won't play using quicktime. It has sound though. The video worked fine on my G4 and plays using VLC as well as some other player I tried. For the life of me I can't find the codec I'm missing and with quicktime being integral to the front row application I need some help.


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    I think it's the DIVX (or 3ivx?)codecs that you need... I'm quite sure that it's one of those. I still can't play all .avi files in front row, but at least it plays some.
    One I just came across then, Perian seems to be very good.

    I'll give this one a shot too - maybe it'll play the few that don't work in frontrow...

    BTW, that's pretty awesome that you got a macbook pro to replace your powerbook. What about the hard drive though? I sure hope you didn't lose any valuable data.
    Well, I hope this helps you out

    edit: I just tested it then, and the few files that didn't work in frontrow now do. One reviewer at the link says the readme files were corrupt, but worked for me. So the .dmg DOES mount under 10.4.8 - the readme says there are bugs, but it has worked smoothly for me thus far.

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    I did have perian and divx installed. I'm on the horn with apple now and have an appt at the store as a back up. not sure why this should be such an issue...looking at the files now and they're just mpeg-4 video

    I lost some pictures somehow....and the docs on my desktop. A bit of a drag but not the end of the world

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