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    iMac - Problems


    I recently have had some problems with safari and microsoft office

    It started with safari reading some pages in chinesse and then Word would not open it would not respond after it said ....font preferences.

    I tried this...trash safari and reinstall off of web when the .dmg file would choose what location (harddrive) it had a ! mark and would let me install safari

    I also took moffice and draged to trash and tried to reinstall and still wouldnt open the program same problem

    I have never had problems before please help


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    I recently had to upgrade my version of Office (the reason being that office is targeted by viruses, trojans and what not to affect other computers - they can't really do much to affect your mac) Office now runs very smoothly for me.

    Somehow, I don't think viewing html pages in chinese could affect Office at all. Intall them and check for updates immediately. That way, you'll be sure you're running the very latest, so any previously known issues would probably have been ironed out.

    Could you post a snapshot of this 'font preferences' issue you mention? Also, did you mean it 'wouldn't let you install safari'? - it seems strange to say it 'would let me install safari.'

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