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Thread: Torrents Slow!

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    Torrents Slow!
    Hi folks.

    Have just picked up a Macbook today and so far so good, nearly.

    I have had a quick search but couldnt really find an answer.

    Having problems downloading torrents. I have set the router up, and the same torrent on my PC downloads at 30k/s on uTorrent.

    But when I try on the Mac with Azureus (and BitRocket, Transmission, Tomato Torrent) it takes an age to start and never gets above 1k, apart from 1 occaision when it his 6k.

    Is there some setting within OS X I am missing? I have limited experience with it.

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    I am going to assume that by setting up the router for your PC, you are talking about port forwarding.
    If this is the case, then you are going to have to set the port forwarding for your Mac if you want to speed up your downloads.

    You will also want to take a look around using the Forum Search feature. This has been addressed many, many times on this forum.
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    But have setup port forwarding for the macs IP address as well. Unless im missing something.

    I have tried using the same ports as PC, and also forwarding seperate port to the mac. Double checking that port was the same in client and in router. But still something is holding it back.

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    Try using XTorrent or Transmission instead of that bloat hog Azureus and see if it improves.
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    I know Azures is a system hogger, but having tried a few clients already I was running out of options

    I'll try transmission again, and I'll look for Xtorrent

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